Children may be small but they too have big and complex feelings. Based on their age and experience, they may need guidance in developing healthy and creative ways of self-expression.

Children are wonderful imitators. Shown them something great.

Depression, Anxiety and behavioral issues

Each developmental phase gives your child specific challenges that they tend to work through as a normal part of growing up. Mental health issues can make life changes and challenges harder to get through successfully and may be a direct result of events in your child's life. 

Some events that may have an impact on your child's mental health:

  • Bullying

  • A life change (e.g. new school)

  • Divorce or separation

  • A birth in the family

  • A death in the family

  • Traumatic experience

  • Traumatic experience

  • Domestic violence

  • Physical or sexual abuse

  • Taking on adult responsibilities at a young age

If your child is experiencing depression, anxiety or behavioral issues, we can help. We’ll begin by getting to the root cause(s) of the issue and working to help your child learn, apply and model healthy thinking and behaviors.

Our approach

Our counselors often use a blend of therapies including those that allow children to express themselves verbally, creatively and physically.

Many types of therapy used with children and adolescence emphasize talking and thinking about feelings and experiences. Given that verbal therapy can be particularly challenging for some children, especially young children, our team also leverages art and play therapy.

Potential Benefits of art and play therapy

  • Strengthen attachment

  • Improve communication

  • Create new ways of relating to others

  • Develop emotional regulation

  • Build motor skills

In some cases, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), which relies very little on verbalization, can be appropriate for work with children in our practice.

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