Grief and Loss Counseling

Grief is a huge part of life. It is about reconciling the realities of what we’ve known with what is today. Losing someone or something you love is one of life’s biggest challenges. We want to help you cope with the pain you are feeling so you can come to terms with your loss in the most healthy way.

Where there is grief, there was love.

Grief and loss experience

  • Loss of a friend

  • Unexpected or traumatic loss

  • Suicide

  • Life change

  • Loss of a child

  • Loss of a parent

  • Loss of a spouse

  • Loss a of a sibling

Signs of grief

Crying is a well-accepted and well-recognized sign of grief.

Additional signs of grief may include:

  • Questioning the purpose of life and your beliefs

  • Feelings of detachment or numbness

  • Feeling worry, anxiety and/or guilt

  • Feeling frustration and/or anger

  • Changes in sleep habits

  • Changes in behavior including self-isolation

  • Changes in eating habits

  • Physical symptoms (e.g. pain, fatigue, headaches)

  • Increased levels of stress

Our approach to grief

Grief is not a linear process. In fact, it is an ongoing and cumulative process. This means that when you are mourning the loss of someone or something, such as a relationship, you are experiencing grief in your current situation but it also compounded by your previous experiences. As such, you may find yourself experiencing a range of thoughts and feelings depending on your circumstances.

Our approach focuses on helping our clients move through the five stages of grief as researched and documented by Elisabeth Kubler Ross.

  1. Denial

  2. Bargainning

  3. Anger

  4. Depression

  5. Acceptance 

Grief doesn’t end but it changes. Things can get better and we are here to help you through the process.

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