Eight signs your child may be struggling and how you can help

Raising a child is never easy. Some of the challenges we face as parents can make us feel ill-equipped to help them grow into healthy adults. They may be struggling to regulate their emotions and behaviors, make new friends, or feel safe—even at home.

Common signs

  • Problems at school, with siblings or peers

  • Unexplained “tummy aches” or illnesses

  • Wanting to avoid school or other environments

  • Overly clingy or attached to others or certain objects

  • Withdrawing from others

  • Defiance or aggression

  • Extreme and persistent sadness

  • Changes in sleep including persistent nightmares

Why is this happening to my child?

Children lack the experience, understanding and communication skills to express how their feeling – especially young, nonverbal children. As a result, the fear and uncertainty that your child may be experiencing can manifest itself in unhealthy ways which may be regarded as disobedience. Often times, your child is likely asking for help the only way they know how.

What can I do to help them?

Watching your child struggle with mental health problems or developmental issues is an exhausting and terrifying experience. But you don’t have to navigate this emotionally trying time alone. With the help of a kind and caring child therapist, you can gain greater clarity into the root cause of your child’s behavior and challenges as well as learn actionable techniques to help make sure that you are equipping them for success—both as an adolescent and an adult.

Getting started

Therapy can help you as a parent reduce your stress, instill greater peace in your home, and ensure your child’s healthy development. To schedule an appointment, Thrive Postpartum, couples and Family therapists be reached by text or phone at 224-698-9792. Alternatively you can also schedule an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you.